Monday, September 7, 2009

This is rediculous

KFC has just made what could be one stupid decision or possibly one of the biggest chess moves since there grilled chicken. Taking advantage of the rising number of obese Americans. They have decided to test out a new sandwich called the double down. Which they have taken out the buns and replace them with 2 chicken patties and in the middle cheese, bacon and special sauce. Certified:1xl

Friday, July 10, 2009

Poor me a Big Cold Brewski

Are you looking for a glass that will hold that 40 this weekend, then head over to perpetual kid and pick up there Giant Beer Glass. Only 15 bucks and guaranteed to be the only glass you'll need all night. If 40 oz. isn't enough then keep pouring because this bad boy can hold 5 beers or 60 oz. Certified:5xl

Go BIG or Go Home

In Odaiba Tokyo Japan the celebrated there 30 year anniversary of Gundam by creating a 1:1 scale, sizing in at 50 ft tall. It lights up at night and has jet lag coming off, also has a animatronical head that moves left and right and up. You have to see it to believe it so check out the video. certified:5xl

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Livestrong Mr. Cartoon tee

If you happened to be in LA last Thursday when the Mr. Cartoon Livestrong shoes released at the last laugh store. Then you caught a glimpse at the AF1 shirt. It has the infamous Mr. Cartoon head logo on a spider body dangling from a spider web.Act fast because these are extremely limited t-shirts. It's in black and sizes up to 5xl. certified:5xl
Purchase at: The Last Laugh AF1

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

King of the Hot Dogs

Joey Chestnut is making sure that the Infamous mustard belt for the famous Nathans hot dog eating competition stays here in America. Blowing his competition away by eating a new world record of 68 hdb. while his main competition Kobayashi was only able to get down 64 in the allotted time and third place was Bartoletti with 55. There's so many eating competitions out there, but the 4th of July hot dog eating competition is the super bowl of them all and gives the winner bragging rights for the whole next year. Major congratulations to Joey Chestnut, keep up the hard work and maybe you can get over 70 HDB next year.

Friday, July 3, 2009

It's Finally Time

What a way to celebrate America's Independence by scarfing down as many hot dogs as possible. With the coveted Mustard belt on the line its anybodies game. With Joey chestnut being the favored to win with the last couple years upsetting kobayashi. There is still Pat Bartoletti and Tim Janus Both being able to eat over 50 HDB in the allotted time which should give them a run for there money. The event starts at 12:00 pm at will be played on ESPN. There's also $20,000 in prize money.

Joey Chestnut
Takeru Kobayashi
Pat Bertoletti
Tim Eater X Janus
Eric Badlands Booker
Hall Hunt
Humble Bob Shoudt
Juliet Lee
Tim Gravy Brown
Rich LeFevre
Crazy Legs Conti
Erik Denmark
Sonya Thomas
Pretty Boy Pete Davekos
Marco Marquez
Jim Reeves
Micah Collins
Sean Gordon
Franco Camerini
Bob Coccodrilli

Livestrong max's

Everybody should know about Lance Armstrong and the Livestrong foundation. Well the livestrong foundation teamed up with 4 artist a while back to release some limited edition kicks and one of the artist was none other than Mister cartoon who designed this awesome shoe. On the 2nd they released the shoe and tomorrow the 4th is there major push to get these shoes out on all the fans. Some big fans payed up to $3,000 to get there hands on these. The retail is set to go at $150 on these ones. Certified:5xl